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Monday, March 30, 2009

Pay back hehehe!

Since my captures haven't updated in a while. I have decided to keep it real and get back at them, and the idea is quite brilliant. Every night the last few nights about every 35 minutes or so, I start to whine and bark. It really keeps them on their toes. Especially that woman, she is sick and has been taking some concoction called NyQuil that makes her sleep through the night with her bronchitis. She has not been happy about having to get up and see what is wrong. Finally last night she just gave up and let me bark. And they call girl dogs bitches... Maybe tonight since she has posted I will be quite. No guarantees! Really the woman has many embarrassing pictures of me though, especially the bath ones where I am all wet and not so fluffy, and the static ones she feels she needs to take of me. People they are so uncivilized.