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Saturday, October 10, 2009


Many will wonder why this happening dog has a toad hopping on his homepage.  This is a quick explination.  This is my BFF, Toad.  Once the later part of Spring has sprung I will spend most of the time outside with him.  We have fun chasing each other in the yard, and have been together since shortly after I moved hear 2 years ago.  So for the last 3 summers we have been pals.  Toad even waits up on the deck some night for me to come outside.  I miss him when it gets cold, and hopes he stays warm over the winter. 

Thursday, October 1, 2009

A day at the groomers...

So this is the morning of the grooming, and as you can see, I am truly stressed out!  I'm laying over the computer cord to give me energy. As you can see, the coat is growing out again quite nicely. 

So here I am afterward, all full of myself and my furry awesomeness!

I need to use the loo, but I will be back...

Tearing it up outside too.
You want some of me?

I'm gonna do a RLH, can you catch me?
I look good, I know it, you know it.  All hail the groomer!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Why I love my family

Other than the fact that they are hella cool, tonight for dinner I was given just about 1/2 of a buffalo burger! It was heavenly. Ok so it was mixed with 93% beef, but it still ruled and so do they for saving me some. If only it was burgers every night, and steamed rice and veggies every day for lunch.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Poop in thier shoes?

I am just about a week into this new "hairdo." My attitude is not so great. I enjoyed the hairs dragging on the floor and miss it greatly. I look like a cross between a sheared sheep and a cotton ball on a bad hair day! Maybe once it grows out more I will like it, but right now I sit and plot revenge, and bark differing times of the night to scare the hell out of them. Otherwise at night, I sit and wonder if I should poop in their shoes. Honestly if I had a pair I would, but for some reason they removed them. At least my hair grows fast!


The whole sheep thing...

Paws will grow out fast.

Plotting...just plotting!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Pay back hehehe!

Since my captures haven't updated in a while. I have decided to keep it real and get back at them, and the idea is quite brilliant. Every night the last few nights about every 35 minutes or so, I start to whine and bark. It really keeps them on their toes. Especially that woman, she is sick and has been taking some concoction called NyQuil that makes her sleep through the night with her bronchitis. She has not been happy about having to get up and see what is wrong. Finally last night she just gave up and let me bark. And they call girl dogs bitches... Maybe tonight since she has posted I will be quite. No guarantees! Really the woman has many embarrassing pictures of me though, especially the bath ones where I am all wet and not so fluffy, and the static ones she feels she needs to take of me. People they are so uncivilized.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Mom decided to change the research project a bit

From my Mom's Blog:

"Why can a Havanese dog so difficult to own?" I will touch on the Havana Silk controversy within the paper as it is a part of the Havanese story, grooming needs, the breeds potential separation anxiety, but also on the major health concerns one should know about before they think about the purchase of one these dogs. I know there are several health related issues that have come up with in the breed. There needs to be education to avoid pet shop and puppy mill dogs also, as the popularity soars within the breed. The breed is not perfect, and not for everyone. I hope that is what this paper will assist in making educated not emotional decisions about the Havanese breed.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Grooming 1/31

It was a fast attempt at grooming, and we used no polishing spray. It's wet and crappy out so it was to make sure I continue to be matte-free. Check out the weird colors I am, and how sneaky I am with Logan!

I look like a homeless skanky mutt.

Really my hair is all tussled!

If I lay really still I will blend in!

Naw, I need the grooming.

1/2 body done!

Yep even patching white in the change!

Bluing Sully, I look more "Smoke now then I did when that was my name!

Done, well almost.

Had to trim up the brows so the hair stays out of my eyes!

Love me and my brow line!

As you can see I have stolen the "Little Masters" hat. He is looking for it in the background. Hehe!

But I should give it back, since I love him so. It is a cozy hat though!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

My Dad and Karen at Eukanuba!

The first is Karen bringing my Daddy Bailey to the table.

Then look at them walk down and back. Mom loves Karen's outfit too!

Dad lapping up the fans!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Mom's research paper is on Havanese!!!

She is doing her class paper on Havanese and Havana Silks! She even sent a list of questions to Doc of Silk fame and she was surprised Doc replied and was a great help. She is taking it straight down the line. The topic came as she sarcastically brought up the whole Havanese vs. Havana Silk controversy with her instructor. He was intrigued and said run with it. Mom was like, 'crap, I was just kidding.' Well now she is stuck doing it. Either way my Mom doesn't care I am a 50/50 of the two so no big deal. She wants to get an A and get out of it all! I will continue to get fillet minion from her no matter her findings. She is hoping that some folks from the Havanese Forum will offer to let her borrow some of their articles and books they may have at home, but so far nothing. It is however the weekend so there hasn't been the high amount of traffic there is usually is on there.

Mom also gave me a bath, a real one for the first time today. I look like I went to the groomers. Of course the groomer sold her a grooming table for 35 bucks, brand new to help! LaDaun RULES! See ya next month! ;)

Friday, January 2, 2009

This has gone too far!

After a night of yakking on the floor, I think it was the rabbit poo I consumed outside that did it. Mom decided to groom me and clean my mouth. For some reason she finds the medley of rabbit poo and vomit mixed with dog breath offensive. Humans! After the hour of grooming she dressed me up in the new duds. I protested by taking some silly looking photos. Revenge is MINE!!!! BTW, the mustache is in a foo-man-coo to keep it out of my mouth. Don't laugh, I am sensitive!

To the nines baby, dressed to the nines.

(Insert snarky remerk here)

Pucker up! I like to kiss ears.

In case you missed it the first time.

A wink out to all of the Ladies. Zazzy, that means you too! And Tina, I've seen diva, if I hadn't been altered...

I am such a clown, a cuddly, furry little clown!

Ain't it the truth?

This could be most peoples post New Years Picture.

It is truly a Merry Christmas when there is Jerky involved.

I think this is enough now. Telling the servants what I thought about the grooming and the subsequent fashion show!

Show off, whatever!

I am just happy it is all over!

I mean REALLY happy! Even in the foo-man-cho I am stylin'!