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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Mom's research paper is on Havanese!!!

She is doing her class paper on Havanese and Havana Silks! She even sent a list of questions to Doc of Silk fame and she was surprised Doc replied and was a great help. She is taking it straight down the line. The topic came as she sarcastically brought up the whole Havanese vs. Havana Silk controversy with her instructor. He was intrigued and said run with it. Mom was like, 'crap, I was just kidding.' Well now she is stuck doing it. Either way my Mom doesn't care I am a 50/50 of the two so no big deal. She wants to get an A and get out of it all! I will continue to get fillet minion from her no matter her findings. She is hoping that some folks from the Havanese Forum will offer to let her borrow some of their articles and books they may have at home, but so far nothing. It is however the weekend so there hasn't been the high amount of traffic there is usually is on there.

Mom also gave me a bath, a real one for the first time today. I look like I went to the groomers. Of course the groomer sold her a grooming table for 35 bucks, brand new to help! LaDaun RULES! See ya next month! ;)

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