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Monday, February 16, 2009

Grooming 1/31

It was a fast attempt at grooming, and we used no polishing spray. It's wet and crappy out so it was to make sure I continue to be matte-free. Check out the weird colors I am, and how sneaky I am with Logan!

I look like a homeless skanky mutt.

Really my hair is all tussled!

If I lay really still I will blend in!

Naw, I need the grooming.

1/2 body done!

Yep even patching white in the change!

Bluing Sully, I look more "Smoke now then I did when that was my name!

Done, well almost.

Had to trim up the brows so the hair stays out of my eyes!

Love me and my brow line!

As you can see I have stolen the "Little Masters" hat. He is looking for it in the background. Hehe!

But I should give it back, since I love him so. It is a cozy hat though!

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