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Sunday, January 18, 2009

My Dad and Karen at Eukanuba!

The first is Karen bringing my Daddy Bailey to the table.

Then look at them walk down and back. Mom loves Karen's outfit too!

Dad lapping up the fans!


♥Lisa♥ said...

i would have never guess his dad to be white. cute.

Bev & Bailey said...

Great videos! I've added them to my playlist for the Long Beach-Eukanuba Championship shows. Thanks for loading them into YouTube.

BTW, my Bichon, Bailey, sends a tail wag to your Daddy Havenese Bailey. You probably already know that the two breeds are distant cousins.

Krimmyk said...


Bailey is actually a sable, as Hav's grow they tend to change colors. Got to to see how different he looked as a puppy! He is just beautiful dog, and truly California COOL! hands down.

Bev, I am actually researching the Hav breed and did know about the relation. I am glad to meet a Bichon owner who will actually admit the relation with out getting offended. Or maybe that's just around here. Silly really. I took these vids from Bailey's Fur-Mom, my Sully's breeder, Karen. She is also showing him, and is super awesome! Thanks for popping in. I am sure I will snag footage from Bailey show in Westminster when she post them!